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(Tony) Anthony Freedman 

I rejoined lifetime now. 2/320 B 101st Airborne 69-70,
FDC. Any of FDC still around? Ron, Mike, Frenchy,
Pat Wilford has passed. I heard top 1st Sgt. Sloan has passed. Big John ? Wounded on FSB  Rifle along with
many others.

Tom Walinski (Waldo) 

Won't be making the reunion for 2019.  Got a worn out hip being replaced on Aug 10.  Maybe next year.

Hey to everyone!  Enjoy the reunion!

Airborne! Air Assault! Air Mobile!

Tom Walinski
HHB & B Btry 2/320th 63-66

Robert Maw 

C Btry 2/320    Jan 1963 - Aug 1965

Jason Bunch 

I served in Alpha Battery, A Team, 2/320, Balls of the Eagle from October 1999-January 2001 before PCS to Korea. Captain Palo and 1sg Lincoln. We deployed to Montana for the wildfires. I was severely disappointed when the army saw fit to reflag the balls battalion. I would love to raise enough money through the army museum’s website to place a plaque for the 2/320 with our coat of arms and motto to keep this storied units name alive in our PC present. Thanks guys for your service. Be safe!

Lt. Col Mike A Vitrano 

I served with A BTRY, 2nd BN, 320 FA from 1976-1979.

Fellow "Redlegs" were: CPTs Barber and Exten; 1SG Dalton; SFCs Pierce and Douglas; SSG Henson; SPCs Yore, Murry, Tibbs, Oliver, and several others.

I miss you guys!

Frank Wade 

Served with C Btry 3/320 FA a a Section Chief and Gunnery Sergeant. Have had the pleasure of bring assigned to the 101st Abn Div. It has been refreshing to page through the web page. We of the Cold War era and forward should be more active with efforts of the web page and it's mission. Looking forward to contributing further.

Nathaniel Morgan 

I was in Echo Battery 320th FA
Berlin Brigade.1986 to 1989.

Jesse Skinner 

CO. Ronald Rupp I came to A/2/320th in late March or very early April 67. I believe I reported to you.The day I reported in the Battery was knee deep in water.I was a commo man and you assigned me to the xo post as Battery recorder. Give me a call sometime at 1-870-286-2702.

Brian K.Guerrero 

B-BTRY 1/320 April 83-Sept 84 Grenada vet.

Chris Searles 

Was in HQ Battery 1991-1993.

John A Murray 

A-2-320th FA From 1975-1978

Rick Weimer 

Headquarters Battery from 1982-1985

Rodger Jacobson 

I failed to mention in my last posting that Norman Loop was a Lifetime Member of the 320th FA Association. Thank You, Rodger Jacobson

Rodger Jacobson 


Norman Loop “B” Battery 320/508 ARCT 1951/1953 Passed away Saturday Morning 20 Oct 2018. Normans wife Jessie called and let us know.

 Leone and I are still doing well. Had our full Garden again this summer and gave a lot of our produce away as usual. We had our first Killing Frost several nights ago here in SW Wisconsin so will be cleaning up for the winter.

 We lucked out and weren’t affected by the floods and bad weather that hit the Midwest area or the Hurricanes that hit the Eastern States and the Fires in the West.

 Leone and I turned the 320th FA Association over to a younger Group of 320thn Vets from the early 90’s so we will no longer will be hosting the Reunions.

 You must re-register with the Association to receive Association Information. Go to the 320th FA Association Website @ https://www.320thfieldartilleryassociation.org/membership/  and scroll down to the bottom and find a Blue Box that says “Registration Form” and fill out needed information.

 If I can be of any help getting you in contact with your old 320th Friends please let me know as I still have the Database and Update info every day. We are losing contact with a lot of our old friends as they are moving into retirement homes and switching to cell phones and not sending us their new info. Our 320/508 ARCT 1951/1956 E/Mail group is down to about 150 Names now and can guarantee we will have bounced E/Mail addresses with this mailing also. My contact info is still the same as it has been since 1985: Rodger Jacobson, 608 854 2317, E/Mail is: rodleone@centurytel.net

Rodger Glenn Jacobson 


It is with huge sadness that I let you know that my beloved husband Paul Klinker died on September 27 2018. An obituary is on http://www.legacy.com/tampabaytimes. Follow link to Sylvan Abbey Cemetery. He was so very proud to be a member of the 320th Field Artillery and US Army.  Kaye Klinker

Note from Rodger Jacobson, Paul was a LIFETIME MEMBER and Past Association Officer of the 320th Field Artillery Association. "AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY"

Ron Christian 

I was FO with A battery, 2/320 from Jan 68 to Jan 69. Served with Tigers and C company primarily.
I Am trying to locate two 320th liaison officers from early 68-captain Landry and /or captain Haugh. Also trying to locate LTC Warren G. Tucker, plus anyone familiar with the chain of command of 2/320th arty in August 68.
We are trying to reassemble a Medal of Honor submission for SP4 Lural Blevins who died in the Ashau on 8/16/68.
The original paperwork was apparently lost.
My email is ronchristian101327@yahoo.com and my phone is 484-318-6635.

Rodger Jacobson 

As the Founder of the 320th FA Association over 30 years ago I would like to make contact with ANYONE that has Signed in on the Website as I still Maintain and Update the Database. I have Questions for Kary Jenkins and Joan Wallace and many more. Joan Wallace, The E/mail address associated with your Guestbook Entry about Your Grandpa John H Davis will not work. My contact info is: Rodger G Jacobson, PO Box 14,  Hazel Green, WI 53811-0014,
608-854-2317, rodleone@centurytel.net

Kary jenkins  

I served in HHB from 9/72 until 8/74. Anyone out there who served them, contact me. I have my yearbook.

Joan Wallace 

My grandfather, John H. Davis from Wilson County, NC, served in the 320th Field Artillery, 82nd Division, Battery E, during World War I. He participated in the Meuse-Argonne campaign.

Joseph Sanders 

I served with B Btry 1/320th Artillery from 2002-2005.
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