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Rodger Glenn Jacobson 


It is with huge sadness that I let you know that my beloved husband Paul Klinker died on September 27 2018. An obituary is on http://www.legacy.com/tampabaytimes. Follow link to Sylvan Abbey Cemetery. He was so very proud to be a member of the 320th Field Artillery and US Army.  Kaye Klinker

Note from Rodger Jacobson, Paul was a LIFETIME MEMBER and Past Association Officer of the 320th Field Artillery Association. "AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY"

Ron Christian 

I was FO with A battery, 2/320 from Jan 68 to Jan 69. Served with Tigers and C company primarily.
I Am trying to locate two 320th liaison officers from early 68-captain Landry and /or captain Haugh. Also trying to locate LTC Warren G. Tucker, plus anyone familiar with the chain of command of 2/320th arty in August 68.
We are trying to reassemble a Medal of Honor submission for SP4 Lural Blevins who died in the Ashau on 8/16/68.
The original paperwork was apparently lost.
My email is ronchristian101327@yahoo.com and my phone is 484-318-6635.

Rodger Jacobson 

As the Founder of the 320th FA Association over 30 years ago I would like to make contact with ANYONE that has Signed in on the Website as I still Maintain and Update the Database. I have Questions for Kary Jenkins and Joan Wallace and many more. Joan Wallace, The E/mail address associated with your Guestbook Entry about Your Grandpa John H Davis will not work. My contact info is: Rodger G Jacobson, PO Box 14,  Hazel Green, WI 53811-0014,
608-854-2317, rodleone@centurytel.net

Kary jenkins  

I served in HHB from 9/72 until 8/74. Anyone out there who served them, contact me. I have my yearbook.

Joan Wallace 

My grandfather, John H. Davis from Wilson County, NC, served in the 320th Field Artillery, 82nd Division, Battery E, during World War I. He participated in the Meuse-Argonne campaign.

Joseph Sanders 

I served with B Btry 1/320th Artillery from 2002-2005.

Edward A Northey 

I was assigned to HHQ 2/320th, but attached to B Co 2/502 as part of an F.O. team, was RTO and then Recon Sgt., in country from Oct. 1967 thru Mar. 1970. Did Opps and Intel there 1969 and the on to SERTS as an instructor from Sept.1969 thru Mar. 1970 .

Paul Kropf 

I served in A 2/320 from 2005-2007. Deployed 05-06

Kurt Tepe 

Served with the 2/320th from May 69-May70. Bn FDC,  Liaison Officer to 2/504th Inf and Btry Cdr Charlie Battery. Lot of good memories. Was again associated with the 2/320th as DIVARTY Asst S3 - 73/74 at Fort Campbell.

Germeroth David John 

I served in C battery 2nd 320th attached to the 101st AB in Vietnam in 1971 until the unit stood down and went back home. I worked in the Fire Direction Center.

Larry Engardio 

I served with A-battery 2/320th. artillery 101st.airborne from 64-65 at ft.campbell deployed to VN. with the unit in july of 1965, was one of several that was wounded from a mortar attack on march 6 1966 after spending a little over a month in Japan in hospital returned back to my unit and was transferred back to state side in june of 1966. ( i was also referred to by some as HILL JACK ) 

Tom Walinski 

Looking forward to all the great things Mark Kula & company have planned and are implementing in our Association.  Please, even if you think it is a mortal sin to volunteer to help the 320th Association, take a chance.  Our motto is Willing & Able.  Let's all live up to it in a big way.  It won't bite you!

John T. Naquin 

Served in Top Gun 1/320th from February 2007 until October 2014. Went to Iraq in 2007 until 2009
Then Afghanistan 2010-2011. Then medically retired 2014

Donald Thompson 

Served with A btry , C btry , 1966, 67 , 68.Vietnam. Served as First sergeant A btry, 1977, 1978 1978. Served as CSM 320 th at ft Bragg, 1986,1987,1988.

Rodger Glenn Jacobson 

Sorry to have to pass on info that Billy B Nicholson A/C/Battery 320/508 1951/1954 Passed away 14 May 2014. If you need to Send a Card or Call his Widow I can help with Contact info.

Angel Bonilla 

I served at A Btry 2/320th FA, FIST Platoon Ft. Campbell KY from July 1985 to July 1988. Was selected as the Btry, BN, and DIVARTY soldier and NCO of the month in few occasions. Was the runner up for the 101st NCO of the quarter in one occasion. The Btry CO was Cpt. Ridge and the 1SG was Drake. The BN CO was LTC Monko and the CSM was Utley.
I am trying to get in contact with some of rhe guys from back them, Melvin Alicea, Juan Antonio Concepcion, Miguel Nieves, Jose Correa (Cougar), Reynaldo Hernandez, Monroe (Everything is big in Texas) SSG Reyes, LT Southerland, Down Town Regginald Brown, just to mention few. If anyone has any info just email me. Thanks in advance.

William Terry Mitchell 

I am looking the medic that served with "A" Battery 2/320th Arty. from Nov. 1965-66. I was wounded and he took a piece of shrapnel out back of my left leg.  I never received my purple heart and I need a witness to prove I was indeed wounded around March 1966. I am also wanting to find Leroy Gordon and Jerry Latimer who also served with me during this same time period. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Ron Bender 

My Grand Uncle John H Mintier serviced in WW1. I have his remaining WW1 materials which includes a gas mask, Souvenir of Camp Gordon book, and various other items. On one of his wool caps, there is a button with the 320 cross cannons and a capital E. He passed in 1969 at his home in Johnstown Pa. Uncle John and me use to hunt together when I was a kid back in the 60's. His wife's name was Meta and her maiden name was Hill. 

Albert Krohn 

I served with B-Battery 2nd Battalion 320th Field Artillery in the field. We provided fire support on Firbases Anne, Bastogne, Veghel during the period 1971-1972 and were involved in airmobile operations throughout the the region. I have photos of some of the guys I served with  Thanks

Ronald Rupp 

I was the Battery Commander of "A" Battery 320th Artillery from February 1967 until Oct 1967.  We started the Balls of the Eagle" salute with a x Rated response.  We Also put the appropriate number of Balls on each gun tube.  Best Damn unit in army!
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